A faith-based program at the Fayette County Detention Center using pastoral experience, Correctional psychology, Wisdom traditions including AA, group dynamics and volunteers. The project coordinator has 17 years experience in correctional consulting and 40 years experience in pastoral counseling (overlapping :-)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Meeting, Monday, March 28.

We opened our meeting by sharing some thoughts on Good Friday and EASTER.
The chosen inmate then led our meeting on the topic CHANGE in our life. He prayed by using a reading and proceeded to cover how we need to change our old behaviors and make the future something different. He gave several examples how our families taught us some of our ways and how you believe this is the way. As you get older you realize changes are called for and a
decision is needed to make the future something you always wanted your life to be. Several of the members engaged in some good discussion. We talked about who makes world events happen? GOD OR Man?
Talked about the war in IRAQ, John F Kennedy’s assassination etc.This forced
some questions to be asked about their life and who’s doing all this
behavior to cause these events in our world and with self?

X did a good job and prepared well for his class on change.
We ended with two songs the group selected.
Next week we will complete the Career Scope Profiles and continue one on one
Have a happy Easter week, all.

Good Friday

The Spiritual Growth group of men were assigned prayers, responses and meditations on the Seven Last Words.

It was a great Good Friday experience. I loved the hearty sound of the men singing "Were you there?"
Gerard Howell

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Progress report, March 17, St. Patrick's Feast.

Had a marvelous day at the county jail this a.m., reviewing progress with four of our "Fierce Landscape" inmates their progress, plans and response to our program. The group itself played Gospel music while I interviewed these four who had been there for at least one month.

Personal progress reports were powerfully positive. Our program and their use of it, particularly in their own meetings every afternoon, taking leadership turns, has turned the program into a powerful spur for self-examination, sharing and healing. I felt really affirmed by all the work that has gone into this during the last 3 years, building a program, creating worksheets, recruiting volunteers, and using my experience to help develop this program. The regular Afro guard in FF also told me today that this program has also brought a blessing to him. When the guards report something like that we then something is working right.

They affirmed what they are learning from one another, the diversity of the volunteers' approaches, the use of the workbook, the afternoon sessions, and they all liked very much the new scripture study with Marjoe Thursday evening. So we now have a new lesson each day, six days per week, by volunteers, with Chaplain Howell taking the Friday session.